Monday, September 24, 2007


Hi all. We actually did it. I'm sorry if my patience or sanity wore thin, but it worked, we actually made it off. Yes, Sula is now only 25 miles from Seattle, but it's a larger distance than just as the crow flies it. We're now tied to the town dock in Port Townsend. The crew is split up. John is in the local fly shop trying to piece together a serviceable tuna/salmon rig. Dan is wandering the town looking for local color. I'm at Sirens, the bar with Wi-fi. The party on saturday was an unqualified success. Much life was lived in a very small space. I didn't get too many pictures because I was too busy with the festivities but I'll post what I've got. Then yesterday we did make it through the locks and into the saltwater. I feel farily filled up with gratitude right now for all the people who have offered so much support and encouragement to help me out on this little project. I could name a lot of people, but most of all mom and dad, I can't ever explain how convinced I am that I have the coolest parents in the world. Tutu, grandpa, and all the crosetto/rumpeltes/thornton /sutton/williams /smith/palmer/dojny/welty/maury clan. Thank you guys so much for everything. Thanks also to everyone who came to the party and provided such a nice sendoff. You guys are fun! Thanks to all the lovely ladies at Creekside Dental of Issaquah, for being the voyage's only sponsor, and providing state of the art ultrasonic waveguide technology for the crew's dental needs on the way south. Join the wave. Ultreo!

This morning we woke up at 0430 and left Ballard at 0510. 10 minutes behind schedule. We had a beautiful sail to PT, and the anchor was fast at 1230.

I can't say enough about my crew. Internet dating has been a disaster for me, but what a time for the internet to pull through! Dan is absolutely the best crewmemer I could imagine. He is diligent and intelligent and patient. What luck. John, also..... can barely tie his shoelaces, but be makes every moment light and put in its proper prospective. I'm so happy to have him aboard.

standby for some pics. I don't know when I'll have internet again, but I'll report on things as soon as I can.

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