Thursday, September 6, 2007

Allah Shore

A departure date has been tenatively set for Sunday, September 23rd. The going away party will be held the evening of the 22nd. It should be at Shilshole? Sula is now in the Canal, bouncing around from one marina to the next, inching toward the salt water. The final crew list has been set. Dan, a professional sailor from the bay area, answered my posting on 38 north, and although I haven't met him, I'm sure will be quite an asset on the trip south to SF. My good friend John Wray is a professional writer from Brooklyn and despite the fact that he has no sailing experience, brings a great wit and unending fortitude in the face of constant danger and annoyance. I had the pleasure of joining John on his rafting trip down the mississippi river, and although it was a fairly dangerous and frazzling experience, my friendship with John emerged even stronger and the trip was an experience I'll think about fondly and often for the rest of my life.

So, crew, friends, family, anyone. Come to Shilshole Bay Marina on Saturday Sept 22nd and meet the crew and send them off to the wild blue yonder proper.

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