Thursday, September 27, 2007

Juan de Fuca Straights

John takes in the moonlit path over Fort Warden on a great hike we had from Port Townsend.

Motoring in the eastern Straights with the Olympic Mountains to port

Not a breath of wind, motoring from Port Townsend to Crescent Bay

All day on deck, sailing upwind toward Neah Bay. Two passing rainy fronts, but in the evening...
Cape Flattery, Tatoosh Island, and Neah Bay. The condensing moisture pushed up by the coast range looked like a forest fire.

We're now tied up among a fleet of fishing boats here in Neah Bay. Things are drying out and a hot shower and an ultasonic toothblasting have made things a bit more civilized. John is playing old country songs on his toy guitar and Dan is huddled up next to what little warmth the kerosene heater puts out. It was an awesome day of sailing. We didn't make the best time from Crescent Bay, where we anchored last night, but we only ran the engine for about an hour out of 12hrs on the water. I didn't really leave the deck the whole time. It was transfixing just to have a nice 7-10 kt breeze, and to watch Sula work over the easy ocean swells. Even when the wind dropped down to just a few knots, she seemed to have a yearning that wouldnt' allow us to break down and motor into such a wind. And the sunset over the pacific had every one of us thinking maybe we should just bypass neah bay and head out into the ocean. But now it looks like there is an alaskan low that is driving SE fast and will dip down too far south and bring us headwinds late tomorrow if we head out. So we are planning a day in this small sleepy reservation town. A hike to Shi-Shi is in the works and an exciting visit to the general store which is the only hardware store/marine store/grocery store for this village. Hopefully the storm will blow through fast and on sunday morning we can head out and see what lumpy swells remain from the blow.

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