Saturday, April 18, 2009

Back in the States

Yesterday Sara and I drove up to Tucson from San Carlos. Its a beautiful desert drive but one that seems longer than its supposed 5 hrs of driving time. Tucson is nice, but Mexico does seem, nicer, more real, more relaxed in some ways. The past two weeks of exploring the coastline have been amazing. Really beautiful scenery. On one of her last days on the boat Sara and I climbed the local iconic mountain, Tetakawi, and had privlidged vantage point out over the desert and sea. I have some pictures from up there. In a few hours my friends Max and Sarah will arrive here in Tucson and we'll drive back down for another week of lime drinks, cool breezes and the SPF 50 lifestyle. Sara will be a very hard co-captain to replace. She seemed more at ease and competant onboard than I most of the time. We had some great sailing, and some wonderful days at anchor at Ensenada Grande. She will be missed. Tonight I'm hoping to camp with Max and Sarah at a lake near the border named Pena Blanca to break up the drive a bit and ease them into the desert life. Max has only packed flip flops and a sweatshirt. My next charter guests might take a little more oversight! We have incomming. I've gotta run to the baggage claim. Thanks to anyone who's following.


Jennifer said...

oh my...breathtaking and heartwarming...ahhh, life!

annika said...

oh, you two are beautiful. and the scenery. but mostly your smiles! vive la sula--