Wednesday, April 1, 2009

At Anchor -- Bahia San Carlos

What a change to be back in the water. It seems so strange that she floats and water doesn't stream in through a dozen leaks. But things seem fine. There is much less dust, but the boat does move and roll with every wave. There is more to worry about, theft, the anchor dragging. And yesterday, I did drag the anchor a bit! Stupidly, my anchor rode isn't marked and I had out only 150ish feet of rode with a depth of 40 feet. Not quite enough angle. So I veered more rode and put out another anchor and I'm quite confident that things are fine now as I wait in the Captain's Club for a new cooling water impellor to be installed in my outboard engine. The anchorage is also very relaxing. The pressure of the work yard is gone. The wind blows softly, or howls, and Sula is an island of calm. My stolen invention, the wedge shaped riding sail, is set. I'll try to take a photo of it later. Its quite effective and proper looking, but it does partially block the solar panels. I went for an amazing kayak yesterday. Just one mile from the boat. Really great. I will take the camera next time.

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