Saturday, March 28, 2009

South of the Border

Well CNN might call it The Border of Death, but it seems fine to me. Safer than ever probably. Everybody down here is super chilled out and all the Mexicans are, as usual, the calmest, nicest, and most CONSERVATIVE, people ever. I really think I'm going to stop listening to national news. It really is unnatural for a person to be constantly bombarded by the worst news possible from thousands of miles away. We should really be concerned about whats going on in our community, and not the disasters of the world on a minute by minute basis. I really don't think its healthy for us mentally. Down here its nice. Very easy to drop of out that horribleness. I just have to delete that RSS news feed from CNN from igoogle!

Well. The drive is fine. Right off the bat you know you're in Mexico. People come up to your car on the freeway offering you all sorts of food and stuff, and the smells are perfectly recognizable as Mexico. Burning plastic I think.

So I made it to San Carlos, and stopped off at the Club de Capitanes, and taked to Mike the owner about a place to sleep for the night. There are palces all around where a gringo can drive up and camp right on the beach. And you can probably have the place all to yourself, if you don't mind some cows moseying down to the ocean at night. It is all I've wanted it to be, this trek, to this sea at the end of the desert.

I camped that night next to some kite boarders and a dude from Alberta. All of us kicked burning cactuses in the campfire and chatted long into the night. This thing, this place, seems timeless. Far from CNN, and the stock markets, the snows of the north, and worrying in general.

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john said...

You lucky, lucky dawg.