Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day Three ---- Zion to Tucson

Well. From Tucson, its only an hour to the Border. The dreaded border! I think CNN probably has a dramatized name for it by now, "The Border of Death," or some such thing. As it turns out, its all media hype. There is a wave of drug crime in Mexico, assinations, and murder, but not really random, or directed at tourists. Its more a a war, than crime and its a targeted war between the cartels and other cartel and the government.I woke up super early this morning to make it out the canyon before sunrise to watch the light come down on the the Court of the Patriarchs. I'll let the pics speak for themselves. Then is was more driving down through Vermillion Cliffs, and past the head of the Grand Canyon, and across the Painted Desert. I ran into a real dust storm in this area. At one point I had to slow to a crawl on the highway because the visibility was zero. I really really really do not like dust storms. My trusty steed the A6 sustained some damage in this bout. Tiny, scrathes to the windshield. Very sad. But, its nothing that I notice when I'm not being a hypocondriac, so I'll just keep on driving. I spend the night in a hotel in Tucson. A luxury after the dust of my various campsites.

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