Friday, February 1, 2008

A week in Cabo Pulmo

I spent a week in Cabo Pulmo recovering from my trip the mountains. It was windy but there is something about this town that is hard to explain and easy to love. I spent quite a few days writing and thinking about my backpacking trip, writing the last blog entry and watching countless episodes of The Office with Bella. I can actually concieve of working in a office! Such is the power of the passion between Jim and Pam. It was hard to leave Cabo Pulmo, I kept meeting more and more great people. Its actually fun when there's only one restaurant open for dinner because you know where the action is. I met another great travelling partner, another great... guy! His name is Alfredo I had a great time hiking around with him and hearing his crazy philosophies. Alfredo's beautiful sister and niece also let me tag along with them for a while and I began to actually imagine that I could stay in the quietest village of all time for more than just a few days. But now I'm back at the boat, getting ready to shove off in a week when Jamie arrives. As we sail north I have a strategy in mind to trick the vicious north wind and allow us to island hop our way to Guaymas. Once again the "dock captains" say I'm crazy. "Go South!" they cry, and I understand, but the romance of the storage yard in San Carlos calls. Summer will arrive shortly and with it the hurricanes.

Guess which one of those two dogs above is the father of the other.

A Warning. I'm adding pitures to the previous post. They show the dead body of the bull and the remnants of its carcass after being slaughtered. To me they are beautiful and important pictures but they may be disturbing to some.

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