Monday, January 3, 2011

Down and Back

We're back in Barra! We've been down to Zihuatenejo and back already! A long way. Its 200 miles from here to Zihua, and it took us 2.25 days straight motoring/sailing/motorsailing to get down there. We dropped anchor on winter solstice and my parents swam out to the boat at anchor just off Madera Beach where they were staying. That night Sara and I stayed ashore in a a nice room with a huge open wall looking out over the anchorage. We took amazing showers and drank cold juice from a fridge. Luxury! We slept like logs and woke up to the sun rising above the bay. It was a fast and relaxing 6 days in Zihua. Some days were spent doing nothing. Wonderful nothing. We went out to eat almost every night. And we all got sick! Except for Sara,.. and Avi. But it was even nice to get sick. And be forced to do even less than nothing. It was sad to head north again, to see family and Zihua fading astern, but we've got a schedule. Threatening Michoacan and Headwinds after lazy days in the sun.

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