Monday, November 2, 2009

Points East

In a few hours I'll be picking up my car from the shop in Seattle and heading East, to Preston, and then hopefully tomorrow, farther east to Cle Elum and Red Mountain. Then in a few more days, farther east across most of the country, across the border and into Toronto. Sara and I are going to share an apartment and try to start spending some short-distance time with each other. It could be seen as a big move but it really seems like the logical next step. I'm excited and relaxed and ready for the challenges and changes and opportunites that life will present. So I was thinking I might as well start blogging again? As this is a voyage of a different sort, to foreign waters, also with its own reefs and beaches with soft waves lapping at the sand.

1 comment:

Val said...

So glad to see your blog again, Nic. Can't quite believe that maple tree is one we look at everyday. Great pics.