Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Final Push

Dan and I have decided to shove off tomorrow morning. The swells should die down from their 16ft level they are at now to somewhere around 9ft, and we should have fairly settled weather for the trip out around Cape Mendocino. Headwinds are predicted so we are thinking it may take us 4 days to make the last 230 miles to the golden gate. Eureka has been great, a little quiet for our tastes, but a great place to relax It is time to get going as we still seem to be in the normal pathway of the low pressures that seem to be stacking up out there. Mid September really is the best time to leave seattle, as October seems to be a totally different animal. Our buddy boat was in Neah Bay at last report waiting out that monster low that swung up the coast. If anyone is interested in keeping up with Kevin's blog, check out.

Dan and I were taken in by a great local family yesterday and we had an awesome night of conversation and food at their house in Eureka. Thanks Stacia and Dan(#2) for everything. It was so good to be taken care of and make such a fun connection while trapped here....behind the redwood curtain.

Its time to abandon my permanent chair here at the coffeeshop and get ready to head back out to sea. I hope my stomach remembers that its become immune to the horrors the open ocean.

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stacia said...

Ahoy Mates! We enjoyed your company last night immensely!You guys are clever,fun and engaging.
You'll always have a home away from home here in Eureka! Life is to be lived!Go for it.
Say hello to the City for us.
Safe journeys. Stacia,Dan,Ruby,Moxie,Bella,Woody, Quita,Racer and Bobbie Sox the cat.